".. for love of the game!"

.. spreading the beauty and values of tennis in New Paltz area ..

the dream

It’s June 2011. Another Rolland Garros is in progress.  What a great one!

Today we’re counting how many clay courts are in New Paltz area.  (Those hardcourts – it would be nice to play something else sometimes.  Something easier on the body, slower, get dirty here and there, spray some water and cool down on the hot summer day)

We do have MANY tennis courts here we realize.  How great for the game we love! We want to fill the up, we want kids to have fun, learn, get together.  That’s where we decide to put up this website.

We’ll meet on Saturdays at 10am for starters.  Let’s do New Paltz Middle School courts first – that’s just the beginning.  We’ll grow it together!  There are no limits really…

the now

We’re just here to have fun.  We’re here for the game we love!

.. and while at it, we will teach our kids how beautiful tennis is – we’ll get them stronger physically and mentally, build self esteem, teach how to win and lose, plan, prepare, strategize, learn from your mistakes (what mistakes?), adjust, get better, be consistent, be admired, know yourself and build you, your game, your dynamics and relationships with friends, opponents, audience…

tennis lessons

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