Please book using calendar below or call 914-319-2824. All ages and fitness levels welcome; we have many rackets (kids, if you come early you might even get the pink) .. we’ll do some fun drills or we’ll hit some serious balls. You can pick from the following lessons:

Tennis Lesson for Adults

Master the perfect strokes, learn everything about tennis – from rules to strategies and most of all – have a ton of fun each time! $50/pp/hr. Bring a friend for just extra $30/pp/hr

Tennis Lesson for Kids

Become a future star or just make some friends. Get the technique, learn the mental and physical game, discover values the game of tennis can teach. All designed as fun and educational child friendly experience. $40/pp/hr. Bring a friend for just extra $20/pp/hr

Fit to Hit Tennis for Weight Loss

Different type of tennis lesson – learn the game and lose weight – combining tennis, cardio, yoga, stretching into fun workout. $50/pp/hr. Bring a friend for just extra $30/pp/hr

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